Bitcoin Lightning Photo Store

Bitcoin Lightning Photo Store is a functional online service based on Lightning technology that is implemented on the Bitcoin mainnet.

In our online store you can order 5 photos (6 x 4 inc) printed in professional photo lab as you like and you will pay $ 5 at the current bitcoin value and the photo will arrive at your address.

Before purchasing, you need to own your lightning node and open a channel with at least $ 5 to our nod.

A simpler solution is to install the “elclair mainnet wallet” from the android play store. Transfer between $6-10 on it, and simply by scanning the QR code, open the channel towards us.

You should wait approximately 30 minutes for 3 confirmations and your channel is active.

With an open channel you can pay us as well as in other services on the lightning network.

When you fill out the form in our store and upload the photographs by pressing the get invoice button, you get a unique account and you have 1 hour to pay for it.

Scan the QR code with your wallet – boom … you have paid and the photos will arrive at your address.