Bitcoin lightning network map

The lightning map originated from the need to search for nodes and their channels. It is intended for both advanced users and beginners because it is very easy to use.
Lightning map shows the geographical location of the nodes. You can follow how the network develops and which parts of the world are the most involved. It’s important that the nodes are in different places, in other words decentralized.
By using the filter you can see exactly who is the best to connect with (for example, you can open channels from all 6 continents).
Through the filters you can see which nodes have the most channels and with whom they are connected.
Through Usd or Satoshi filters you can see which channels have more than the given amount.
The amount of money in the channels is important because, for example, if one channel has only $ 3, a transaction of more than $ 3 dollars can’t be performed on it. Opening a lot of channels with a small amount of satoshis is insignificant for the lightning network.
By using our map, you can find out which nodes have the most channels, and which channels are full of satoshis. Simply select a pair of high quality nodes, open the channel with them and that’s it, you are on the lightning network.
There are nodes on the map that do not have a public IP address and they are located in Greenland. With those nodes it is not possible to open a channel, or they can only open a channel towards you who have a public IP address.

Try our map, join the lightning network and step into the future.